• Cellulite Treatment
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Accent RF Cellulite Treatment

York Laser and MedSpa has been offering cellulite treatments to Aurora, Newmarket, and York Region since 2002.

At a microscopic level, cellulite starts with leaky capillaries, probably under the influence of progesterone. Blood cells and plasma leak into the fatty tissue. This causes a mild inflammation that leads to watery swelling. In turn, this swelling compresses lymphatics, reducing fluid drainage and aggravating the water retention. At the same time, the mild chronic inflammation causes the formation of bands of scar tissue that tether the skin so it can’t stretch to accommodate the swelling. This creates the dimples.

So, in simple terms, cellulite is swollen fat constricted by bands of scar tissue.

You can take some comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Cellulite is a scourge that affects a staggering 90% of women over the age of 40.

You can also take some comfort in the knowledge that you didn’t do anything to cause it, because the underlying problem is female hormones (which is why men don’t get it). And this, sadly, is the reason that diet and exercise don't work. 

You need help, and this is where Accent RF comes in. This walk in walk out procedure tightens skin and stimulates circulation to improve the appearance of cellulite. Read the FAQs to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RF stands for “radio frequency” or radio waves. These waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are way beyond visible light and beyond infrared light and microwaves. They are harmless. They are bombarding all of us every day from the sun and from every radio station within listening distance. (Dangerous electromagnetic waves are found at the opposite end of the spectrum: ultraviolet, xrays and gamma waves.)
Treatment of cellulite has always been very difficult. Endermology (vacuum massage), iontophoresis (electrical stimulation via ionic solutions), and mesotherapy (injections of biochemicals) are all beneficial, but they require numerous sessions and frequent maintenance. Liposuction can reduce fat, but it does nothing for cellulite. Early efforts to use radio frequency yielded mediocre results.
Now, patented RF technology makes the treatment of cellulite much better and much easier. The Accent is a remarkable radiofrequency device that can improve the appearance of cellulite. It tightens skin, melts fat, and boosts circulation simultaneously by applying harmless radio waves.*
The Accent device has two hand pieces. One applies RF to deep tissues to affect fat cells. The other acts superficially to tighten skin. Both hand pieces are used when treating cellulite.
The Accent RF device applies an intense field of radio waves through the handpiece that is held directly on the skin. Radio waves induce electrical current in the tissue.
In blood and muscle, this current flows easily, and has no effect. Fat and collagen resist the flow, and this causes heating. Fat cells are injured and shrink. Collagen tightens up, and collagen production is boosted. Collagen tightens the skin, and this improves the appearance of cellulite.*

Any area with cellulite can be treated. This is most commonly the legs, but cellulite can also be found on the arms and even the trunk.

Everyone with cellulite can be treated with the Accent. Mild to moderate cellulite usually does well. Severe cellulite will not respond as well.

The only exception is people with pacemakers who cannot be treated. The induced electrical current can shut down the pacemaker.

In people with implanted metals such as plates and rods, the Accent can induce electrical current in the metal. This is not harmful, but it could be painful.
A light coating of mineral oil is applied to the skin.
The Accent handpiece is applied to the skin.
The technician starts to move the handpiece around in lines and circles over the area to be treated, and once a rhythm is established, the energy is turned on. 
During this time a gentle warming sensation will begin.
The temperature is measured by a laser thermometer after each thirty second period. When the target temperature is reached, three more thirty second passes are made over the area to maintain the temperature for enough time to do the job of reducing cellulite.
It takes about 30-60 minutes per session to cover the entire area of cellulite. It takes about 30 minutes to cover an area about the size of two handprints. The most commonly done area is the back of the thighs, and this takes about 60 minutes to treat. Full thighs (front and back) would take two hours or more. We never do sessions longer than an hour because of operator fatigue.

Accent RF therapy is virtually painless. All you feel is warmth and the massage of the moving handpiece. There is also no sound. There may be occasional spikes of pain if one area gets too hot. These are very brief and harmless.

Your skin will be red for an hour or so, and that’s all. Imagine putting a hot water bottle on your tummy for a while. It will cause redness that will resolve quite quickly.

Results might be noticeable within one week of the first treatment, but this varies from person to person.
The skin will continue to tighten for four to six months.*
Most commonly Accent RF requires 6 sessions, but it may require as many as ten sessions to achieve the desired result.*

Yes. Since cellulite is a hormone-based problem, curing it would require putting you on meds to stop your hormone cycle, and that's obviously not a reasonable thing to do. Since we can't cure it, we can only continue to make it look better. That requires maintenance. One or two sessions every year or two should be enough.

Virtually nothing. It is possible to cause some pain if your tissue heats up too far, but heating is gradual, and there is usually sufficient warning that you are getting hot. Burns are virtually impossible.
If the Accent RF handpiece loses contact with the skin while the energy is flowing, it can cause a "spark" sensation that is mildly painful, but it is extremely unlikely to cause a burn. The design of the handpiece makes sparking almost impossible.

There are no special skin care requirements following Accent RF treatments. We just wipe the mineral oil off and away you go.

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We require 48 hours notice for cancellation of your consultation or treatment, in order to fill the appointment time. If sufficient notice is not given, the full value of the treatment to be done may be charged, with the minimum charge being $100 (one hundred dollars).

*Results may vary.



I love the treatments! Comfortable and effective. I have noticed a definite improvement after 6 treatments. And the staff are amazing! Many thanks to all of you!

CW, 41, Orangeville*

I am very pleased with this treatment. I have noticed an improvement and am very excited. The staff are fabulous; very friendly and knowledgeable.

DD, 44, Newmarket*

After three Accent treatments my thighs are starting to look smoother and tighter. Very pleased.

ET, 54, Aurora*

The whole process from beginning to end was enjoyable (looked forward to losing some stubborn fat) and the 2 nurses involved in my case were great. All my questions were answered and they both have a great bedside manner! The resulting loss of centimeters was more than I could have hoped for.

AF, 43, Newmarket*

Wonderful. Was very surprised at my quick results. Will highly recommend this procedure and will be saving my $$ in order to come back for more treatments on other body parts.

NM, 39, Aurora*

Very comfortable. Very pleasant motivating staff; always smiling. Prompt and punctual appointments. Staff very knowledgeable about procedure. Every time I left, I felt happy. Nothing I didn't like about the procedure. I wish I could afford more.

MF, 44, Brampton*

I am so impressed with my results. After only 5 short treatments I have seen amazing changes occur. My "saddlebag" area is so much smaller and firmer not to mention a huge reduction in the appearance of that nasty cellulite. Sandy is awesome. I look forward to seeing her every Friday for my treatments. Keep up the great work.

SS, 28, Hamilton*

Three treatments and my cellulite is gone! It wasn't a huge problem before, but now it is NO problem at all!

CS, 48, Newmarket*

I noticed a definite improvement in the smoothness of my skin. I believe the Accent treatment turned the clock back at least ten years.

CL, 47, Gilford*

After only two treatments I can see results! I want to do my whole body!

LS, 45, Newmarket*

Excellent results so far. Wonderful and friendly staff.

AN, 39, Maple*

Amazing results, six treatments so far. Staff (Sandy and Bonnie) absolutely fabulous!

PS, 46, Aurora*

My treatment was fantastic. And I am happy to say that I lost 3" on my thighs. Today is a great day. Thanks to all the staff.

AA, 43, Newmarket *

*Results may vary.