York Laser and MedSpa have been treating facial veins and rosacea with laser and intense pulsed light since 2002.

It is these pesky marks and pigmentation that can drive us insane. They require that extra layer of make-up in the mornings, or may even be the reason you don’t feel confident without makeup. Importantly, these can be fixed quickly, and with minimal invasion.

Many veins can be treated by laser including rosacea, spider veins, venous lakes, periorbital veins, angiomas and more. We wouldn’t title ourselves “York Laser” if we didn’t believe that we can help minimise these effects!

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy uses a non-laser high-intensity source of light to treat spider veins, as well as a variety of other skin problems. IPL treats spider veins by heating and damaging the walls of the blood vessel. This causes them to collapse and disappear over time. IPL is most effective on small veins close to the surface of the skin. Veins that are easily visible to the naked eye are readily treated with our Candela Gentle YAG laser. Commonly, only one treatment is required.

Vessels that are barely visible to the naked eye and produce a blushed appearance are best treated with intense pulsed light. Usually, one or two treatments are needed. Rarely, three treatments are needed. Rosacea is an example of this type of facial vein. The most common condition we treat is rosacea, and it only takes one or two sessions to make a huge difference.

So, what’s the process? Does it hurt? Can I see the results immediately? All good questions. Let’s dive in a little further…

When you visit our Medspa for your booking, we will provide you with information sheets and paperwork that further explains the benefits, unlikely risks and also aftercare for the procedure.

You will then be taken into a treatment room and be consulted by Dr. Philip Kritzinger. He will either perform the session or guide our registered Nurse on the plan.

You will then be given protective googles to cover your eyes, as it is CRUCIAL you do not see the light, this can be detrimental to your vision. The nurse and doctor have specialised versions of these too.

Then, the process will begin. Laser or IPL treatment of the face usually takes about 15 minutes with 60 to 120 laser pulses required. IPL uses a larger spot size, so the same area might require about 20 pulses.

Small areas the size of a loonie can be treated in a few minutes with 10-20 laser pulses.

There is no easy answer to the question “does it hurt”, since pain perception and tolerance varies greatly from person to person.

Laser treatment of veins results in mild to moderate pain. It feels like hot jolts. When IPL is used, treatment is generally well-tolerated, producing a brief hot zing, and we use skin cooling to decrease discomfort (and protect your skin). The Gentle YAG shoots a squirt of cryogen (super cold liquid) immediately before the laser shot. This cools the skin to protect it and make the laser shot more comfortable. We also use a Zimmer cooler. This is basically a freezer that blows air at sub-zero temperatures to cool the skin.

Topical anesthetic creams are available, but they produce constriction of blood vessels, which reduces the efficacy of treatment. These creams are useful for hair removal or IPL pigment treatments, but they cannot be used for vein treatments.

Before you know it, we’ve handed you over a take-home ice pack, and you’re on your way. The ultimate goal is for you to achieve instantaneous results and leave the office free of visible veins. This is possible with some veins, but most commonly the treated veins take two or three weeks to disappear. You might look worse before you look better because some injured veins take on an inflamed angry look as the body breaks them down.

The redness always occurs and may persist for two or three days.

Treatment of facial veins is very unlikely to produce any adverse reactions such as swelling, bruising, and blistering. Makeup will easily cover most adverse skin reactions that occur.

Burning and blistering rarely occur. In most cases these burns are only one or two millimeters in diameter and heal uneventfully. If a scar forms, it will have the appearance of an acne or chickenpox scar.

Best yet, there is zero downtime. You should avoid exposure to the sun and use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 for about five days following laser treatment and two weeks following IPL treatment. We have a variety of excellent sunscreens with broad-spectrum coverage of damaging UV-A and UV-B rays. Otherwise, there are no restrictions. You can return to your daily activities immediately.

Have more questions? Head over to our FAQ’s on Facial Vein treatment.

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