Cellcosmet® is a system of skin care products and clinical treatments developed and produced in Switzerland by Cellap Laboratoire. It is one of our most popular skin care lines. Once people discover this smooth rich product, they never go back!

This anti-aging line features active stabilized bio-integral stem cells. In simple terms, this means that, using patented technology, Cellap Laboratoire has perfected the technique of keeping cells intact in their creams. Normally, cells would start to deteriorate after 30 minutes, but Cellap Laboratoire has developed a way to stabilize them for months. This process maintains up to 95% of the biological value of the cells for a period of 36 to 48 months. 
When applied to your skin, these cells release enzymes, peptides, growth factors, and nutrients that help revitalize damaged and dehydrated cells.* 
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Frequently Asked Questions

A unique aspect of the Cellcosmet line is that it respects the different hormonal needs of women’s and men’s skin. Cellcosmet is designed for women. Cellmen is made for men. Because skin is organic tissue, Cellap Laboratoire uses the principle that skin care products can stimulate the skin with compatible biological agents. Based on this concept they create Cellcosmet to be as close as possible to the cutaneous component of the skin of each sex. This enables them to optimize communication between the product and the skin and at the same time be sensitive to its unique needs.

(For simplicity, the term Cellcosmet will be used in the rest of this Q&A to refer to both Cellcosmet and Cellmen.)

Cellcosmet contains cultured stem cells (active stabilized bio-integral cells).

When applied to your skin, the protective effects of the cream are lost, and the cells rupture, releasing a flood of enzymes, peptides, growth factors, and nutrients that help revitalize damaged and dehydrated cells.*

Cellap Laboratoire follows the strictest regulations and sterile conditions to create their products. The ingredients they use are pharmaceutical grade. The essential oils used in their products are virgin, cold pressed, and 100% pure. Cellap Laboratoire has managed to master the art of combining Cyto (meaning coming from cells) and Phyto (meaning coming from plants) technology to give you immediate and lasting results.*

Cellcosmet and Cellmen carry such a comprehensive collection of various products that there is something for everyone. The easiest way to find out is to come in and see us. With a personal assessment, our staff we will be able to advise you which specific cosmeceuticals would best benefit your skin.

With regular use of the products and ‘booster’ facials in between, these gentle creams will improve your skin’s current condition, improve its regenerative abilities, and slow the signs of aging.*

A Cellcosmet Clinical Facial is a luxurious facial and décolleté massage that lasts 90 minutes. Throughout that time, a series of Cellcosmet products are applied to the skin in a specific manner. The products used during the treatment are about 50% more potent than the homecare products.

These facials are not only relaxing and revitalizing but there is immediate visual improvement to the skin after just one treatment!* We recommend that you do a series of 4 weekly facials to boost your skin’s regenerating properties, then maintain your results with the homecare products. It is also a good idea to do a boosting facial at the changes of season as the extremes in cold, heat, wind, and pollution can rob your skin of its youthful vitality.

A Clinical Eye treatment is a 45 minute relaxing massage of the eye area with a series of Cellcosmet products applied in a specific manner. This is a great way to sample some of the various Cellcosmet products and see the immediate effect they have on the delicate skin around your eyes.*

As with the full facials, the products used are stronger than those used at home.

Dramatic improvement in skin tone and health are noted immediately after the Cellcosmet Clinical Facial.* To maintain these results we recommend using individually chosen homecare products for your skin. With regular use of the products the effects can be prolonged.*

If you decide to use the homecare products alone, many people see improvement after a couple of weeks of regular use. Your skin will continue to improve over several months, getting healthier and healthier.*

As a clinic that performs various corrective treatments such as photorejuvenation and chemical peels, we recommend using Cellcosmet products at home on the treated area to help heal and provide longevity to your results. Cellcosmet has potent regeneration abilities that dramatically reduce healing time.* The hydrating, anti-aging and neutralizing effects of Cellcosmet will help lengthen the desirable effects of many corrective treatments.* The anti-aging and preventative nature of these products will help reduce future damage to your skin from exposure to sunlight and other oxidative forces.*

While there are some products offered in the Cellcosmet line that can be used to replace your current skin care products, the most important products in the line are actually intended to be used in addition to your regular creams and serums. You can continue to use your current products.

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