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Cosmeceuticals are skin care products that have noticeable biological actions on your skin.*

At York Laser and MedSpa we are constantly searching for leading-edge products to give you the best skin care available. Our lines include Skin Medica®, Biologique Recherche®, Cellcosmet®, Vivier®, Obagi®, NeoCutis®, and Elta®.

Cosmeceuticals work!*

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics with biochemical properties. Unlike pure cosmetics that simply cover or decorate the skin, cosmeceuticals have measurable biologic effects on the skin.

All the cosmeceuticals that we carry are manufactured according to GMP Rules. These are the same rules and regulations that the pharmaceutical companies must follow when they make prescription drugs. These companies voluntarily adhere to the regulations and guidlines set out by Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. So these are products of the highest quality, and most of them are only available through doctors' offices.

Manufacturers include Skin Medica, Cellcosmet, Biologique Recherche, Vivier Pharma, Obagi, Elta, and NeoCutis.


No. Any of our staff will be glad to help you when you drop in, but for great advice about issues specific to your skin, you can book a free consultation with our Medical Esthetician.

There are too many ingredients on the market to completely answer this question. New substances are being investigated and introduced at a dizzying pace.

Some of the ingredients are:

  • vitamin C: Antioxidant, mild exfoliator 
  • vitamin A derivatives (retinoids): One of the oldest cosmeceuticals, coming into common use in the mid-80s. Antioxidant, mild exfoliator 
  • oligopeptides: Small protein molecules with multiple functions,
  • argirilene: A topical muscle relaxant that is an offshoot of research into synthetic Botox,
  • ceramides: moisturizers, copies of your body's natural oils,
  • growth factors: Substances your body requires for the normal growth and healing of skin
  • hydroquinone: Pigment inhibitor,
  • alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (AHAs, eg. glycolic acid): Exfoliants

*Results may vary.



I am extremely pleased with Obagi! I have extensive melasma that covers most of my face. I tried everything possible to lighten it, but nothing helped, and some treatments even made it worse. Obagi lightened, perfected and rejuvenated my skin. Majority of dark patches were completely gone and what little remained was barely noticeable. Thank you very much!

MH, 40, Newmarket*

I am thrilled with the Elta sunblock. I have been using my old sunscreen for 20 years, and now I have switched. Love it.

KD, 49, Aurora*

The Vivier Vitamin C serum is great to use and feels pleasant on my skin.

HM, 65, Udora*

Vivier Vitamin C: very nice products. Do not irritate my skin but very effective. Vivier SPF30: the only sunscreen that does not give me a rash.

LM, 52, Newmarket*

Vivier Vitamin C makes my skin appear fresh and alive.

MK, 58, Bradford*

Vivier Vitamin C serum: My friends at work bought some for me because I loved it so much.

MN, 62, Newmarket*

I like the Vivier Vitamin C serum. It is not heavy nor sticky and does not clog my pores.

MC, 31, Holland Landing*

Good feeling, smoothness after a week. (Vivier Kine-C).

RE, 49, Aurora*

*Results may vary.