Hair Removal

Excessive or unwanted body hair is a frustration for both men and women. Both sexes struggle with hair removal methods that are painful, and often not worth the effort.

For years, shaving and waxing were the only choices for body hair removal. However, nobody enjoyed the pain, or the time and effort, or the cost of buying the products over and over again. Years later, depilatory creams were introduced into the hair removal market. This cut down on the pain factor, but skin irritation was an issue, and the effects were still short-lived.

Now we have laser hair removal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The laser light energy targets pigment called melanin. This pigment is in hair and throughout the skin. The darker your skin, the more melanin it contains. You need more absorption of laser light energy by the melanin in the hair root than by melanin in the skin, thereby destroying the hair follicle but preserving the skin.*

Different lasers use different wave lengths to accommodate different skin pigments, which obviously can be determined by your race or tan.

Women most commonly treat their upper lip, chin, bikini line, underarms, and lower legs. Men most commonly opt for treatment on their neck, shoulders, chest, and back.

The darker the hair color the better. Dark hair absorbs more light, which makes more heat to damage the follicle. Coarse hair is also preferred. As a coarse hair burns, it generates a lot of heat, which is more likely to kill the cells of the follicle that make the hair.

Laser treatment is ineffective on blonde and white hair, because it contains little or no colour, so it won't absorb light and heat up. Red hair is also difficult to treat.

Laser hair removal is very safe, with absolutely no risk of skin cancer.

The wavelength of light that produces skin cancer is in the ultraviolet range of the spectrum. The Gentle YAG and Soprano produce light at the opposite end of the spectrum in the infrared range. The Harmony IPL has filters that block out light in the ultraviolet range.

Some of the slight side effects you may experience include:

  • Some slight pain, which can vary from person to person
  • Mild redness that lasts an hour or two
  • Rare cases of burning and blistering. Blistering may lead to permanent scarring.
  • Pigment changes can occur. This can be increased pigmentation or decreased pigmentation in the treated area. Increased pigmentation can be treated with creams. There is no treatment for decreased pigmentation.
  • A light-induced rash (photodermatitis), which can be intensely itchy but goes away on its own in a few days. It can be treated with cortisone cream.

*Results may vary.