Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. It is defined as sweating beyond what is necessary to cool the body. It runs in families. It most commonly affects the underarms, but hands and feet and face can be involved. It is not a dangerous condition, but its social significance is huge. 

You don’t need to be told about its impact on your life. It is embarrassing. You need to constantly wipe your hands and face. You dread having to shake hands. You cannot grip objects firmly (which could be dangerous). You avoid social situations. You only wear dark-colored clothing to hide the wetness in your underarms. Your cleaning bills are huge. You have to buy new shirts, blouses, jackets, socks, and shoes more often. The disorder is debilitating, and the overall impact on your life cannot be overstated.

Anti-perspirants simply aren’t strong enough to help. Oral medications are fraught with side-effects like dry mouth and drowsiness. Surgery is available, but not something most people would consider. Thankfully, there are modern non-invasive options available. Let York Laser and MedSpa transform your life! We have two treatments to reduce your sweating:

  • miraDry and
  • nerve blocking treatments

miraDry is an amazing device that uses microwaves to kill underarm sweat glands. Treatments take about an hour, and most people need one to three sessions. Dead sweat glands are gone forever, so treatments don’t need to be repeated. To read more about this innovative device click here

Nerve blockers stop the nerve impulses to sweat glands to very effectively dry them up for about 6 months each time.* Tiny injections are done in the affected areas. Underarms take a about ten minutes to treat. Hands and feet take longer. Nerve blockers can be used in underarms, hands, feet, and scalp.

To learn more about injections click here: Nerve Blocking

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*Results may vary.