Jowls and Sagging

As we all fight to keep our faces looking as fit and youthful as possible, the battle against jowls and sagging in your face is a hard one to win.

What are you up against? A few things. First of all, you're fighting skin laxity. As your face ages, you lose elasticity and the skin along your jaw line starts to sag. Also, pretty much any facial muscle (smiling, frowning, and wincing) puts stress on the skin around the mouth and creates a fold or line over which sagging facial skin can fall.

Age and stress can cause sagging in the area of your nasal labial fold (from nose to corner of mouth) and your marionette lines (from corner of mouth to jawline).

You also could be fighting your DNA, as genetics can also be a factor. If you see your older blood relatives with jowls or sagging in the facial area, chances are pretty good you will see similar effects in your face by that age.

There are other factors that can also contribute to jowls and sagging. Like most skin conditions, too much unprotected exposure to the sun can hurt you. Too much exposure leads to your skin losing elastin and collagen.

You might even be hurting your face while you sleep. Some experts point to certain sleeping positions as contributing factors in the formation of jowls or sagging. The American Academy of Dermatology found if you sleep on your back, you may suffer from less jowls and sagging, versus sleeping with your face pressed against a pillow.

Treating Jowls and Sagging

Skin Tightening

We offer radio frequency and laser treatments to help sagging and jowls.
The Pellevé is a radiofrequency device that uses harmless radio waves to trigger new collagen production, tightening skin and giving you a lift to reduce jowls.*

If your jowls are particularly heavy, the Accent radiofrequency device can be used to melt fat and shrink your jowls. We also offer deoxycholate injections to shrink fat in small areas like jowls and double chin.*


Micro-needling remodels skin, adding elastin and collagen. Thousands of tiny needle punctures are made. These microscopic wounds trigger the body's healing response resulting in improvement in skin texture and lines.* Skin tightening may also occur giving your jowls a bit of a lift.* Several sessions are required (3-6) depending on the severity of the problem. Treatments are generally very well tolerated.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injected to "fill" any part of the face.

Most procedures take about half an hour and the effects of dermal fillers can be seen immediately following the first treatment. The duration of benefit depends on the substance used, the area injected, and the person injected, and can range from 9-18 months.*

Fillers can be injected into the cheeks to lift jowls.  The indentation in front of the jowls can also be filled to disguise them.*


Sculptra is another filler that can help with sagging and jowls. This filler stimulates new collagen formation.*

The treatment itself takes around 30 minutes. You will start to see results in a few weeks, with the peak effect taking 3 to 6 months.* You can still enjoy its effects for an amazing 3-4 years following your first treatment!*


If your problem is advanced, only surgery will help. We don't offer surgery, but we can refer you to a surgeon.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you with your jowls and sagging today. You can contact us by calling (905) 726-1126.

*Results may vary.