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York Laser and MedSpa offers miraDry to help you reduce excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) and odour (osmidrosis/bromhidrosis).

Hyperhidrosis sufferers don't need to be told how debilitating this condition is. The social consequences are immense. It is embarrassing. You avoid social situations. You only wear dark-colored clothing to hide the wetness in your underarms. Your cleaning bills are huge. You have to buy new shirts, blouses, and jackets more often.

Miraculous miraDry offers a permanent solution to your problem! Using advanced microwave technology, your sweating can be dramatically reduced, sometimes with only a single treatment.*

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Frequently Asked Questions

MiraDry is a Health Canada-approved device that treats hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) and odour (osmidrosis/bromhidrosis) of the underarms. 

MiraDry uses micowaves to heat and destroy sweat glands (and hair follicles). The device focuses the energy at the precise depth required to kill sweat galnds without injuring other tissue. Superficial cooling protects the skin. Dilute anesthetic protects the deep tissue of the underarms.

MiraDry is only used in the underarms. If you want to treat hands, feet, or the scalp we offer nerve blocker treatments. 

One treatment will reduce sweating on average by about 80%. Most people are satisfied after one treatment.

A second treatment will take this to about 95%. Only 15 to 20% of people choose to do more than one treatment.

A third treatment can achieve up to 99% reduction in sweating.

You can also expect a similar reduction in odour.

As a bonus, about 70% of the hair follicles in the area will be killed with each treatment. 

Keep in mind that these are averages. Some people get better results. Some people get worse results. Most people are satisfied with miraDry. As of January, 2020, realself.com users gave miraDry an 86% "worth it" rating. 

Sweat glands that are killed will not regenerate. They are dead and gone forever. Your body will not make new ones. 

Without freezing, it would hurt. High volume, dilute anesthetic (lidocaine) is used to numb the area and to protect deep tissue. Once the anesthetic is in place, you will not feel the treatment. 

Each session takes 60-90 minutes.

Results are immediate. No waiting!

If you need a second treatment, that would be done when you're completely healed from the first session.

The freezing will wear off in a few hours, and you will start to sting. This will last one to three days. 

You will be swollen for one to three days. You might want to take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. You might need something stronger like codeine.

You should ice the area off and on for 48 hours. 

There might be some numbness that takes a few weeks to resolve.

There might be some lumpiness that takes a few weeks to resolve.

You could return to normal activities immediately, but most people would take a day or two off. You might choose to plan your miraDry treatment for late in the week so you have the weekend to recover. 

You should avoid vigorous exercise for one to three days.


The underarms are only responsible for about 2% of your cooling. When your cooling requirement shifts elsewhere, it won't be noticeable.

(Compensatory sweating is a well-recognized phenomenon for endoscopic transcutaneous sympathectomy, a surgical remedy for sweating of the hands and face. But the same thing doesn't happen for underarm treatments with miraDry or botulinum toxin injections.)

The most common alternative is botulinum toxin injections. These are very effective. Treatments need to be repeated every six months.  

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*Results may vary.