Sagging Skin

Sagging skin effects people of all ages. You can get loose or sagging skin from the natural aging process, or if you've recently lost a lot of weight.

Sagging Skin From Weight Loss.

This is frustrating for people who have worked hard to regain their body after a pregnancy or any sort of weight gain. They eat right and work out to get the body they want. They shed countless pounds, only to find unsightly sagging skin left over when they're done.

When you carry more weight in your body, the skin is stretched beyond its normal size. If you lose that weight, the skin tissue that went through the process of stretching may not fully recover back to its original shape, which gives you loose skin.

Sagging Skin From Aging

As the body ages, your skin starts to contain less collagen, which is what keeps the skin tight and young looking. When your body contains less collagen, your skin loses its tightness and leaves you with sagging skin.

Your body also stops producing the same amount of the protein elastin. As the name indicates, this is what helps your skin stretch and bounce back, like an elastic. The sagging skin comes from the body losing its ability to recover from skin stretching.

You also might be aging your skin prematurely if you're spending time in the sun without sunscreen. The sun's ultraviolet radiation can speed up the rate at which your skin loses its elastin and collagen. This is sometimes called photoaging, and it can cause sagging skin and other skin problems like pigmentation.

Treatment of Sagging Skin*

Skin Tightening  (RF and Infrared)

The Accent and Pellevé are radiofrequency devices that can tighten skin.* Accent is used on large areas. Pellevé is used for the face and neck. The harmless radio waves tighten skin by boosting collagen production.* You can read more here.

The Gentle Max laser uses infrared light to gradually heat and tighten skin.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injected to "fill" any part of the face. Hands can also be filled.

Most procedures take about half an hour and the effects of dermal fillers can be seen immediately following the first treatment. The duration of benefit depends on the substance used, the area injected, and the person injected, and can range from 9-18 months.*

More information about fillers can be found here.

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*Results may vary.