Skin Tightening

People who consider skin tightening are usually battling the effects of aging or recent weight loss.

Skin Tightening to Fight Aging

Your skin loses collagen as you age. Collagen is the protein that keeps your skin tight and in place. Without it, your skin loses its tightness, leaving you with sagging skin.

At the same time, age slows your body's production of the protein elastin. This is what helps your skin stretch and bounce back like an elastic. The need for skin tightening comes from your body losing its ability to recover from skin stretching.

Your skin can also age prematurely if you're spending time in the sun without sunscreen. The sun's ultraviolet radiation can accelerate the rate at which your skin loses its elastin and collagen. This is sometimes called photoaging and can also cause sagging skin and other skin problems like age spots.

Skin Tightening For People Who Have Lost Weight

You eat right and work out regularly to earn the body you want, or the body you used to have. You've cut countless calories and lost countless pounds, only to find unsightly sagging skin left over when you're done.

This is the plight of so many people who have worked hard to regain their body after a pregnancy or any sort of weight gain.

When you carry more weight in your body, the skin is stretched beyond it's normal size. If you lose that weight, the skin may not fully recover back to its original shape, which gives you loose skin.

Enter Radio Frequency and Infrared Laser Skin Tightening

The Candela Gentle YAG is a laser that uses infrared light to boost collagen production resulting in tighter skin.*

The Accent and Pellevé are radiofrequency devices that use harmless radio waves to boost collagen production.

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*Results may vary.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Accent RF device applies radio waves through a large powerful hand piece. The device is held directly onto your skin, while the radio waves induce electrical current in the tissue. All you feel is the gradual build-up of heat.

Collagen resist the current flow, which creates heat. Collagen tightens up, while collagen production rises.

The large size and high power of the Accent make it ideal for treating large areas like tummies.

The Pellevé RF device applies radio waves just like the Accent, but via a small hand piece. 

The small size of the Pellevé makes it ideal for treating small areas like under the eyes or places with lots of curves and bumps (like your entire face).

You're a good candidate if you're in need of skin tightening on your face, neck, legs, arms or trunk.

People with pacemakers can't be treated.

RF treatments are exceptionally safe, with virtually no side effects. You can read more here.

*Results may vary.