• Spray Tanning
    Natural-looking Tan without Harmful Sun Exposure

Our Spray Tans give you a natural-looking tan in minutes without the harmful effects of UV exposure.


Our trained professionals have mastered the art of the perfect spray, with even coverage across all areas of your body. 


We use That's So Sun Makeup - an innovative, modern, “total beauty” concept. The Italian skin care line is designed for all skin types. The Products leave a Radiant glow with Anti-aging ingredients that keeps your skin looking Youthful and Fresh! It allows you to nourish your skin and get an even bronzed color that will last you for days. Sun Makeup is the first product of its kind. It will give you a "sun-kissed" glow without blocking your pores. It will leave your skin Naturally beautiful.


We will give you a full run down on how to best maintain and look after your tan to ensure it looks its best.


Full-body   $65

Face & Neck only $39

Full Legs only $49

Package of 4 Full Face or Legs $180

Exfoliation & Spray Tan Body $90

Student Rate Full Face $29

Student Rate Full Legs $39

Student Rate Full Body $49